COVID-19: An update from your Chairman

Published: 24 March 2020

To all residents,

We have today closed down all our play parks, the tennis court and the outside gym. You will find notices to remind you they are closed. Please ensure you follow the guidelines as no Health and Safety inspections will happen throughout this time.

Across Paulton we are very fortunate to have some lovely green outside spaces and I would encourage you to continue to enjoy these once a day whilst observing social distancing. It has been confirmed today that our Groundsman and Road sweeper can continue to work to keep the Village clean and the outside areas maintained, however it is really important that you distance yourself from them and maintain a minimum of 2 meters.

Over the coming weeks it is important that we are able to support those residents who need help, we are therefore staffing the office throughout the week with one staff member, the office itself will be locked however you can ring us on 01761 413644 or email us on I would like to thank our Clerk, Responsible Financial Officer, Administration team, Groundman and Road sweeper for their support during this current crisis.

I would also like to thank those who have offered volunteer support over the last week, Paulton Parish Council have registered with the B&NES recognised volunteer site and I would encourage anyone who is able to help to also register here :

We have had to cancel all Council meetings for the foreseeable future, any ongoing projects and non-urgent decisions will be deferred until we are able to meet again. At the moment Planning decisions will still continue, we will update our website the links to all planning applications to enable you to make comments if you wish to do so directly with B&NES.

As many of you know we were due to take over the Community library next week, as I hope you can all understand this will need to be delayed. We are absolutely ready to go; however we can no longer get the required legal paperwork signed and witnessed by the required people. As soon as we are able to proceed, we will let you all know.

Finally, many of us are feeling anxious and are unable to see our loved ones presently, I have seen and heard many uplifting stories over the last couple of days so please keep that community spirit going and share what you are doing on our Facebook page.

Kind regards

Councillor Gail Garlick