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STOP PRESS Next Meeting: Parish Council on Tuesday 22 August at 7.00pm in the village hall meeting room ☆★☆ To take part in Paulton Junior School's Travel Survey see below

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 Paulton Junior's Travel Survey

 Paulton Junior school is updating its Travel Plan and would like your input into how school travel affects you.

We are surveying our parents and pupils, staff, governors and also local residents like yourself to get a clear picture of the issues surrounding travel to and from the school and how we can best seek to improve them.  Please follow the link below to take part.



 Paulton Parish Council was formed in 1894 and has a membership of seventeen councillors. The parish of Paulton is one of the largest in Bath & North East Somerset (BANES). Elections for the council are held every four years, Paulton Parish Councillors have elected not to receive any remuneration but to give their time, services and skills freely for the benefit of the local community.

Parish notice boards are located at the Hill Court Precinct and the Village Hall. These are regularly updated with Parish Council information and forthcoming events.